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Village of Chudaleo: Here there are women who are said to be 'dais', out of the village

Village of Chudaleo: Here there are women who are said to be 'dais', out of the village 
There are many types of mistrust in the world. Each community has some of its own rules that they are coming from over generations. It is the only thing that separates each community from others, but sadly, discrimination is being made against women in the name of customs. There are also 6 villages in Ghana, Africa, which are called Chudaleo's villages. In this village, there are women who have been duly subscribed to the society by calling them a daun or chudel.

Why are women finally called Chudal? 

The reason behind declaring these women as Chudel or Deen is very strange. When a person is killed by a snake or drowning in the village, then the women associated with that person are called as Chudel and they are taken out of the village. This incident has not been punished by one or two women, but many women have been convicted in this case.
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These women have been compelled to live in a community and stay in it. They are physically and psychologically harassed by saying these women an exception. Sometimes they are burned alive too.
To save themselves from all these tortures, women here leave their own home and stay with someone else. It is notable that there are six such villages in Ghana, in which there is the Chief of Ganabagas and Gujju.

The women living in the village of Chudale have lost their identity. The most curious thing is that almost one of the rumors of his family breaks the relationship with him.

The number of women living in the 6 villages of Ghana is around 1500. Even in the 21st Century, if these events are believed to be such a bad practice, then it is very sad.
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