Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Write an essay for the Modi government and get the prize of such rupee

Write an essay for the Modi government and get the prize of such rupee
Modi government has organized an essay contest. In this plan, youngsters from school students to 25 years of age can participate. The prize winner will be given a reward of 25 thousand rupees. Modi Government has organized an essay on the theme of Awareness Program on Indian Foreign Policy. In which two categories have been decided. A junior level (15-18 years) and second-level level (18-25 years).

There is an essay on the topic of 'Water Reservation Why India's Foreign Policy Is Required for Those Who Come to the Junior Level Category'? In this catwalk, the first child will get Rs 15 thousand prize money. The second person coming to the second place will be given a reward of Rs. 5 thousand for the child coming up to 10 thousand and third.

The essence of writing on this subject is to write to the youth of the senior level category: 'Is India's foreign policy important to our development?' The youth coming first in this category will get 25 thousand, the second to come 15 thousand rupees and the youth who will be ranked third will get 10 thousand prizes. The last date for taking part in the planning is July 31. More information on this can be read in the Creative Corners of Mygov.in.
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