Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Organizing Education Board to remove OMR system from SSC-HSC

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board has initiated steps to revive the M.Sc. (Multiple Choice) method in standard 10 and 12 science and commerce paper from the new academic year starting June - 2019 as part of an important policy decision.

The Secondary Education Board prepared a proposal for this and sent it to the state education department for final approval. As soon as the education department gets the approval, the procedure will be carried out in the direction of its implementation. Ultimately, the Board has been forced to turn back to this original method of preventing the cases of collective piracy of headache.

Now, in the new academic year, there are strong possibilities that the board examinations to be held in March - 2020 will be held in accordance with the new method. The state government is also positively looking at the direction of Secondary Education Board's proposal for implementation of NCERT based curriculum and examination pattern in Gujarat like in the Central Board. The decision will be taken in a short decision, State Minister of State Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said during a program recently. At one stage, the board had stopped the old system from this year and implemented the new method of education, but it was not possible for executive reasons.

The new method has been implemented from the year 9-11 in the year 9-11

The Secondary Education Board has sent a proposal to the education department about the implementation of the National Council of Education, Research and Technology (Gadzai) in standard 10 and 12 Science-Commerce. It is noteworthy that after the Board's order, all the schools in the state have been implemented in grades 9 and 11 from this year. In GdaƄsk 80 mark is an external and 20 mark internals. Accordingly, instead of 70-30 practice in standard 9 and 11, the marking system of 80-20 has been implemented, following which it will be applied in standard 10 and 12 respectively.

Why did the board have to fill up the steps?

It is worth mentioning here that the Secondary Education Board has implemented the technique of optical mark reader from 2011 to standard 10 and 12. Under the system, students have to choose any of the four options given in the 50-mark paper 50-mark paper given to them and they have to answer them in black chests in a circle in a separate respiratory sheet given to them. Due to this method, extensive complaints of collective theft of students, including writing out in the classroom during the past years, arose. In the previous examination in March, there were also around four hundred cases of stolen records. In this case, students obtained marks from 45 to 50 in the Szyru based part, while they found bare 1 to 5 marks in the 50 mark's subjective section.

New methods will be relieved for students

Under the current 70-30 marking syllabus, the student was required to obtain 33% marks for passing in both the subjective and objective part. Students who do not receive 33% marks in any of these two categories are declared non-proficient, but the existing ZZR system has been removed and 80 marks exchanges and the new method of intermediate 20-board internal board is equally as relief for the students. Because in this new method, the student will be booked on the basis of the mark which has been obtained in the external-internals. Compulsory pass in both the parts is not necessary

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