Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Whatsapp advertisement tells About Fake News

Whatsapp advertisement tells About Fake News
Messaging app Whatsapp has made preparations to control faked news, forward messages, rumored information etc. In this sequence, Whatsapp has given a few points, which can be overcome by adopting these problems. For this, the company has also advertised in all the newspapers. Here we are explaining ways those Whatsap released for its users

1- Be careful with forward messages :
Whatsapp has said is that he is going to bring a new feature for users this week, which will make it easy to find out which messages have been forwarded. If these messages are forwarded, then users should check whether the facts in it are true or not.
2- Check this type of information on :
Whatsapp has said in an advertisement issued that find out about such information or tales that are difficult to believe quickly, whether it is correct or not. Support other sources for this.

3- Observe the photos carefully :
It has been suggested in the advertisement that users should view photos and videos very carefully. Photos are edited many times, so go online and find out about photos.
4- Use of other sources :
What guidelines are issued by Whatsapp says in the use of many other news sites for information about the messages. Through it, you can know which report is true or false.
5- Avoid different looking messages
In most of the such messages which contain false news, misspellings are used. In such a way, investigate these types of messages thoroughly. 
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